"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

- Albert Camus



Our Public Works Department Collects Leaves annually from October through November.  This time frame is limited as Snow Plows must be placed on our equipment to prepare for snow removal. Leaf Collection for 2020 will run October 12th- December 4th.

For questions regarding leaf collection, please contact the Public Works Department at 610-395-4892 x 140.

Please keep in mind: Due to the rate of maturity of trees within the township, and the fact that more trees are planted every year, it is impossible to guarantee a set pickup day for a specific street in any area of the Township.

All residents in the Township should place their leaves along the edge of the road, NOT on the road, prior to the start of pickup at 7 a.m. on Monday of each week. Leaves will normally be picked up between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Leaves will not be collected on private property. If leaves are not in place when the crews go by, they will be picked up on the following round through the Township. No return trips will be made to pick them up.

  • IF YOUR CAR IS PARKED ON THE STREET- Cars parked on the street during leaf pick up season could get pieces broken up leaves blown on them. The machine is like a vacuum and needs to emit air out of the back. Cars parked on the street are kept there at their own risk.
  • To facilitate the picking up of the leaves please keep all vehicles away from the area where the leaves are piled. The crews will not rake piles of leaves out from between parked cars or from under them.
  • Do not place pieces of wood, steel, rocks or concrete on the leaves to hold them down. These objects will cause extensive damage to the leaf pickup units and put them out of service at a great expense of time and money to the Township and its citizens.
  • For proper pick up it is necessary to dump the contents of plastic bags or other containers into the gutter area. Crews will NOT empty bags or other containers; this is the responsibility of the resident. Branches, shrubbery, garbage, and building materials will not be picked up. These items will be left behind and it will be the responsibility of the resident for removal and disposal.

The on-site management office is closed to foot traffic, please call or email with any concerns or business. Documents may be submitted by email, sliding forms under the office door, fax (610)336-0646, or sending mail to the office address. 

  The following recreational activities will     be open to MEMBERS ONLY as         of 6/8/2020

Tennis – 4 players total, singles matches only 2 per court.

Basketball – 8 players total or 4 half court. No rough play such as close coverage or physical blocking.

Tot Lot – 6 children 4 adults. Children must be with a parent. Parents are encouraged to bring hand wipes, hand sanitizer and wear masks if other families are present. Please wait patiently or return later. Parents must police their families.

Fitness Center -10 resident’s maximum will be allowed in the Gym at any one time. Masks must be worn at all times. Bring your own drink if you can. The decision to open the fitness center was based on the member’s excellent history of sharing the space and wiping down machines. Machines will be limited to every other unit. Do not get on a machine next to any resident. Instead move over one machine or move to another activity.
The gym will continue to be cleaned by janitorial personnel and there will be an entire spray down of every item in the gym once a week.
Please consider bringing your own hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes. These items are scarce throughout the country and our supply is limited. 
Try working out on a different time schedule.
The busiest times are 6:00 am – 10:00 am & 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm
10:00 am to 3:00 pm is typically slower with fewer residents.

We ask that all residents cooperate. If there is a conflict, don’t get frustrated, please walk away or yield to the other. Perhaps have an alternate activity planned in case your first activity is full. Residents will be responsible for themselves and their families. The Master Board and Management Company manage the property, not the resident.
Thank you all for your patience during this most unusual time.
Please enjoy your summer!
The Master Board

The Villages Association Dues Announcement

(Cascade Road, Fox Lane, Mayfair Court, Pinewind Drive, Starling Road and Waterbury Road) will have partial dues forgiveness for the remainder of 2020. If you have any questions about this, please email the management office.


    Fireworks are not permitted to be used in the development at any time. It is against PA State Law to use fireworks within 150 feet of any structure. 



All waste must be disposed of in a trash container.
Do not throw bags in storm water areas or
in the landscaping.

Anyone caught not cleaning up after their dog
will be subject to an immediate fine.

If your dog damages community lawn or property, the owner will responsible for full restoration and all costs associated.
If you are picking up after your dog, the community thanks you.


Dumpsters in the community are strictly for the use of Condominium residents who live on
Artisan Court, Cromwell Court and Waterbury Court. 

If you need bulk pickup, please contact Republic Trash at (610) 432-7574 and provide tell them you are a Coldwater Crossing Resident the account number is 6027444 under address 8466 Mason Court Breinigsville. They will ask you to pay for the cost over the phone. Costs are as listed below.

Anyone found dumping will be fined $100/item, please consider this your courtesy notice. 


We pride ourselves in being a safe and beautiful community, each and every resident plays a role in keeping Coldwater Crossing a place we love to call home. Thank you for being a valued member of our community.

       Trash & recycling containers are to be stored within Owner’s
       Unit, and may not be stored outside on any other day than trash
       pick up days.

        Siding & Roof maintenance, cleaning and repair is the responsibility of                    the homeowner, to be done regularly to maintain appearance & safety.   

        Deck maintenance is the responsibility of the Unit Owner. 
        All decks must be treated every 2 years to maintain both
        appearance and safety. 

        Storage of personal items on rear decks and patios is limited to deck
        furniture, barbecues, and plants. Any other times, including bicycles,
        children’s play equipment, etc. must be stored inside the Owners Unit
        when not in use. 

        Dog waste must be picked up immediately. Walking and toileting on
        Clubhouse grounds is prohibited. When walking dogs, they must be
        leashed and under owner's control. Dogs may not be tethered outside. 
        ALL DOGS MUST BE REGISTERED.       click here for the dog walking map

        Tiki torches, Wood burning fire pits, patio heaters and chimineas are
        not permitted on decks, patios or lawn areas in the Condos & Villages.


   Fireworks are not permitted to be used in the development at any time

        Hoses must be stored on hose reels when not in use. 

All complaints from homeowners must be submitted to the
the management team in writing using the COMMUNITY COMPLAINT FORM.

Rules & Regulations for your Association may be found in the FILE ARCHIVES.
If you are unsure of which part of the community you live in, you can view the Community Identifier by Road


To ensure you do not incur a late fee, please use one of the methods below to make your payments. Checks will not be accepted by the on-site office. A late fee of $15.00 will be applied if payments are processed on or after the 15th.

1. Pay by check, sent to the below address.
    If you do not have a coupon, please list your account number in the memo area of your check. 

Coldwater Crossing
C/O Danella Realty & Management Co.
P.O Box 65941
Phoenix, AZ. 85082-5941

2. ACH/Direct withdraw
The ACH can be found here. This form must be completed and returned to the Clubhouse office, along with a voided check to Danella Realty & Management Co. Enrollment paperwork must be submitted by the 15th for payment processing the following month. This is a free option

3. Payment by e-check
Be certain to instruct your bank to include your association account number, or there may be a delay in processing your payment.

4. Charge your fees to your credit card
There is a fee associated with this option. To access this option please visit


Click the images below to follow the links


The Clubhouse may only be rented by Coldwater Crossing homeowners
who live on-site. 

Attendee Limitations
Gatherings comprised of Immediate family are permitted to have 50 guests
Gatherings comprised of Friends (not immediate family) are permitted to have 25 guests

Rental prices are:
$300 for 5 hours and less
$325 for 8 hours

Rental includes the use of Ballroom, Kitchen and Bathrooms
Chairs and tables are to be left out after the rental for disinfection
Renting homeowner is still responsible to clean all areas used during the reservation
Masks must be worn at all times and 6 foot social distancing must be practiced

To reserve your rental, you must submit two separate checks, one for the amount for your rental, and a second for the security deposit of $400.
The security check is not cashed unless there is an issue after your rental.  

To make your reservation, please bring the last 4 pages of the lease agreement (completed), required fees and the initialed red rule sign off sheet to the Management Team. 
Rental includes use of:
- Approx. (10) round 5-foot tables
- (2) buffet/serving tables
- 50 chairs 
- Audio System (When permitted)
- Dance floor (if needed) renter to assemble and disassemble
Please remember:
- Tablecloths are not provided by the clubhouse
- Rental time includes set up and breakdown/clean up time
- Food and drink are not permitted in lounge or game room
- Number of guests may not exceed the above referenced Attendee limitations

    To rent the clubhouse, please print and review the lease thoroughly.
    Questions may be directed to Sarah Hash

Click picture to open PDF

    Please reference the calendar for rental availability. If the date is not
    listed, this means it is open for reservation
. Calls to the office about
    Ballroom rentals will be directed here. 

Click picture to open link

Want FREE ballroom rentals & guest pool passes?
Volunteering for the Ballroom Committee is easy
Sarah Hash to find out more!

Security Cameras are located in the Clubhouse and Pool Area  



Tenants, please contact your landlord for any questions or concerns, including Ballroom rentals. 

Leasing of units is permitted; the following requirements must be met:

A. Any Unit Owner leasing their unit must submit the following forms to the Management Company immediately upon transacting a lease for their unit. 
    (Click the documents name to open PDF) 
    1. A copy of the lease
Signed Lease Addendum
    3. Rules & Regulations Acknowledgment form signed by the homeowner
Tenant Information Form 
    5. Pet Registration Form (If applicable)
B. No transient tenants may be accommodated in any Unit.
C. No lease shall be for less than one whole Unit.
D. The initial term of a lease must be for no less than one (1) year. Lease renewals and/or extensions must be submitted to the management office.
E. Each lease shall be in writing and shall provide the terms of the lease.
F. Shall be subject in all respects to the provision of the Act, this amended Declaration, the By-Laws and the Rules and regulation of the Association, and that any failure by the lessee to comply with the terms of such documents shall be an event of default under the Lease. The Association shall be a third-party beneficiary of such covenants in any Lease and shall have the right to enforce them.
G. A Unit Owner shall not engage in the leasing of his Unit except after having lessee execute a lease which contains the following provisions:
H. “Lessee hereby agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions contained in the Amended Declaration, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the Association as the same shall apply to the Unit lease hereunder, and agrees to assume all duties and responsibilities and be jointly and severally liable with the Unit Owner for all the liabilities and for the performance of all of the obligations applicable to the Unit Owners under the Act, the Condominium documents or otherwise during the term of the lease.  Lessee further agrees that they shall not sublet or assign this lease except with the approval and consent of the lessor.”

 The owner of each unit is responsible for the actions of their tenants and will be held liable for any violations of the Association’s governing documents or any damage to Association property caused by their tenant.

*Please keep in mind that no dog that is, or will grow to exceed 40 LBS is permitted. 

Landlords must provide their tenants with Clubhouse keycard(s), the Clubhouse is locked at all times and access will not be granted otherwise. Replacement keycards may be purchased in the Clubhouse for $25, please call (610) 336-0644 or email shash@danellarealty.com to arrange pick up and payment method.
Please visit the "FILE ARCHIVES" to find the Rules & Regulations for your Association and the Master (Amenities) 



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Department of Agriculture: Dog Bite Prevention 



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Coldwater Clubhouse
Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:30pm

Office Phone: (610) 336-0644
Office Fax: (610) 336-0646

After Hours Emergency
Answering Service:

(610) 489-5620      

2020 Observed Holidays
Office will be closed

Thursday, Nov 26th - Thanksgiving
Friday, Nov 27th - Thanksgiving
Thursday, Dec 24th - Christmas
Friday, Dec 25th - ​Christmas
Thursday, Dec 31st - New Years


Move-In Fee A move-in fee of $100 was approved and will be charged to a new owner at the time of settlement/purchase AND to an owner/landlord when a new tenant moves into the condos. This fee will help offset the costs associated with residents who do not follow bulk trash procedures when moving in or out of the condos.


If you need a copy of
"Master Insurance
for a Refinance
or other reason, you can
request it
by clicking this link


    If you are selling or refinancing your home,
you may order resale disclosure
Packages and Questionnaires at CondoCerts.com.


Fitness Center
Children 14-16 must be under
direct supervision of a parent

Children 16-18 must have a
parental consent form on file.




Billiard Tables

Children must be 16 or older
to use the billiard table

Children 13-15 may
be supervised by a parent.



Access/Key cards

may be obtained in
the Clubhouse

The cost for a replacement card is $25.00




Upcoming Events

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